Raspberry Ripple – 3Bd/1Ba

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If you prefer to download from an external site, click here for a mediafire download. Additional pictures below.  

Created: 22/01/10
Price: $162, 797 furnished, $78, 077 unfurnished
Address:  365 oak Grove Avenue (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 30 x 30
Rooms/Features: The house is built on 3 split levels with a basement, ground floor and first floor. Kitchen-diner, living room, games room, music/sitting room, skill room/library, one bathroom accessable from landing and masterbedroom, 2 kids bedrooms, one designed for a teen girl and the other a twin, drive way with 1 car included. BBQ area at back of house next to a raised patio. Pool at the back right  Cottage style planting on all sides.
Cheats: CFE has been used to create the shell so there is a slight disconnect between the two roof sections. 

CREDITS: Kristy for finding the house plan and requesting it. Moose for building the original base shell! THANKYOU! 
















This was something I did on SID a few months ago now. Kristy had a house layout she wanted decorated and landscaped (the shell had already been built by one of the fantastic builders that SID has) so I volunteered to do the interiors and landscaping. I really enjoyed it and would love to do more but lack of time at the moment is preventing me doing so 😦 The master bedroom in this house is one of my favourites. I keep meaning to recreate it in a house for upload to the exchange but just haven’t found one it works well with yet. I have altered some areas from the house that I did for Kristy. I’ve changed the colour of the outdoor seating areas, added a car and fully decorated the basement which was previously left partly bare so Kristy could add what she wanted in the “hallway” (now the games room) and the furthest room (now the music/sitting room). Unfortunately I think the new WA lighting doesn’t do a lot for this house and some of the pictures here were taken pre wa so make the house look slightly different to how it now looks.


7 Responses to “Raspberry Ripple – 3Bd/1Ba”

  1. mo0ose69 Says:

    I remember building that house…What a PAIN IN THE ASS making the split level was! You can use any of my houses on the exchange, simsresource, or siminteriors. and let the others know that they are welcome to them as well 🙂
    Ill be back some day. Ive been busy with college and other crap

    • It looks fantastic though 🙂 If only EA could some how build something in to make roofs work better with CFE it’d be perfect 😀 I will look forward to your return.

  2. Hi, I would LOVE to have one of these houses , but without custom content i was actually looking for one of these style homes and you are perfect at designing them! Could you make me one without custom content? 🙂 Thankss

    • I don’t actually have any custom content in my houses…. ?! :S They are completely game only meaning EP and SP items only with the odd item from the store (which will always and only be the free items that EA give away as I do not agree with the store and so do not buy its items). Unfortunately I no longer have the game installed. I uninstalled about 6 months ago as I just didn’t like what EA was doing with the sims franchise and have gone back to sims 2 so I can not make any houses at the moment. I may at some point decide to reinstall though at the moment it seems unlikely. If I do it probably won’t be for a while and certainly not until the prices have come down for the packs, they simply aren’t worth that much to me any more 😦

      • Ok, and thanks. Its just when i click to download it it says i have to update my game. But ill download it and see what happenes ! 🙂 And that sucks that you are back onto the sims 2 this is my first year playing the sims I never played it before so i only have the sims 3

      • That either means you don’t have the required patches or you don’t have the required EPs/SPs and the updates that come with them. I have everything from base game up to……. the jobs one… what’s it called…. see? It’s been so long I can’t even remember the names LOL It just means there might be some bits that don’t show properly and get replaced with default stuff… I THINK! can’t be certain. If you have all the EPs and SPs up to this point then it should work fine and I have no idea why it would be saying that to you.

      • Ohh, lol i see. And yess i downloaded it and it actually worked perfectly! You are so good at designing these houses. Too bad you still weren’t on sims 3. Well thanks 🙂

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