Morgan Lodge – 3Bd/2Ba

  Click the picture above to be taken to the download. 

If you prefer to download from an external site, click here for a mediafire download. Additional pictures below.


Created: 26/03/10
Price: $138, 557 Furnished, $81, 740 Unfurnished
Address:  12 Sim Lane (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 40×30
Rooms/Features: Wrap around porch, great room, kitchen/diner with bar and seating, hideaway room with workout machine, study area and foosball table, kids playroom, writing nook/library, master bedroom with ensuite, twin bedroom, nursery, comes with one police car and space for another car.
Cheats: LOTS of move objects and alt key, some CFE to correct an error in the ground, buydebug lights and items used in some rooms, light levels and colours of some lights changed.
Required EPs: WA & HELS,
CC: All of my builds are cc free and will never contain store items that you have to pay for. This lot does contain some free store items.

This lot was a flip for Rawla created by Peacemaker_ic (Shell, Exterior and Landscaping) and myself (Room layout and Interiors) as such it had specific requirements. She wanted a log cabin style house for a family of 4 (soon to be 5) called the Morgans. The colours scheme was to be natural with greens and yellows, rose if necessary and no bright colours or black and white. She also needed a room where the husband (in the law enforcement track) could work out and write reports and a “writing nook” for the wife to write her books. The masterbedroom required an ensuite with an additional bathroom for the children and guests. She also wanted to avoid dark woods, preferring light and mid-toned wood instead. I did a little experimenting with the floor plan before finding something I liked and then moved onto the furniture placement to make sure I could get everything where I wanted it. The husbands “hideaway room”, as it became, is a completely different modern style to the rest of the house, reflecting the fact that it is his personal space with his workout area and study. I also added some relaxation bits and pieces like a stereo, foosball table and sofa so he can chill out there when he wants. I added some blue to the boys bedroom and play area to break up the green and yellow of the rest of the house and some aubergine/purple to the master bedroom as an accent. The bathrooms also have a slightly more up to date feel with a different colours scheme while still feeling part of the original house. I would also like to thank SimEve for allowing me to steal her wonderful idea for using awnings over cribs and beds to give that cute new baby look.


5 Responses to “Morgan Lodge – 3Bd/2Ba”

  1. I’m in love with that master bedroom… Now excuse me while I just stare at the pic some more…

  2. Allium Says:

    Gorgeous build and those interiors just shine Sparkle, Wuvs it!!! ❤

  3. Well bleugh…. seems this site doesn’t like telling me when people post more than once! I always reply to comments I approve and these didn’t come up for approval so I guess the site likes you guys LOL

    Anyway, Linday, feel free to keep staring as LONG as you want.

    Alli, huggles as always!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How can i download this house. I love it!!!

    • easy, just click on the link to the exchange or on the mediafire link (depending on where you would prefer to download from). Clicking on the picture should take you to the exchange link.

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