Ultra Innigh – 2Bd/3Ba

  Click the picture above to be taken to the download.

If you prefer to download from an external site, click here for a mediafire download. Additional pictures below.  


Created: 20/08/10
Price: $386, 857 Furnished, $126, 841 Unfurnished
Address:  250 Redwood Pkwy (Sunset Valley) – note that while this is the corrupted lot, I have fixed this house to work when placed on it’s designed lot or on any other lot in the hood without causing the “bump” around the edge of the lot.
Lot Size: 40×30
Rooms/Features: CFE roof structure, diagonal room placement, illusion of a circular lot, coloured lights show in both bedrooms, kitchen/diner, TV room, games room, master bedroom with ensuite, teen girls room, family bathroom and guests bathroom, study, two cars, ponds, outdoor BBQ area, balcony and pool.
Cheats: LOTS of move objects and alt key due to the orientation of the lot, CFE on the roof and some CFE to correct the lot corruption, buydebug lights used in some rooms and outside, light levels and colours of some lights changed.
Required EPs: WA & HELS,
CC: All of my builds are cc free and will never contain store items that you have to pay for. This lot does contain some free store items. 
Other: Has a twin house called “Classic Gem”.


13 Responses to “Ultra Innigh – 2Bd/3Ba”

  1. Gawd Sparkle! Me luvs it! The landscaping, the bedrooms… See, this is one of the reason I need HELS!

    • I thought you were at the cinema! 😛

      • Leaving in 15! Decided to go to the later showing! LOL!

      • BAH! If I’d know that I’d have updated earlier! I was just about to post it at 4 so you could see because you were still on SID chat but then I looked and you’d gone so I waited! At least you got to see 🙂 You have had your fill for today!

        And as an extra, I’m likely to have some more WIP pics soon after Ultra is uploaded… I finished CASting the ground floor of Eco today! 🙂

      • I were still there, the connection just timed out on me, lol! I would have had my fill anyway, I’d just had it a little later!

        Wowow girl, you’ve been busy lately! No Sparkling homes in such a long time, and all of a sudden, there’s tons of them! I like this change of pace! 🙂

      • Benefit of being at home… on holiday! And having 3 lots left over complete or almost complete from January LOL I’m just really enjoying working on the Eco though so everything’s coming out quite easily. Twister is another matter, I’m struggling a little with that one.

      • Any chance of you having vacations more often? 😛 Eco is turning out to be beautiful, as usual…

      • Well now you come to mention it, I DO have another week off at the end of September! 😛

  2. Allium Says:


    • He he, tis starting again in september! september 11 is first episode and then it starts properly 3 weeks alter….. but no Matthew, No Brian and No Lilia :cries:

  3. Sparkle:
    I just love this lot! I especially like what you did with the lighting and how each room’s accent color contrasts with the continuity of the monochromatic theme you used throughout. I greatly admire your exterior design, too. The landscape is lush but modern. VERY nicely done!

    • Ah thanks Kim 🙂 I love doing monochrome black and white with a flash of colour… tis why I did Mmyoko’s flip the way I did and why Jagged Edge is decorated the way it is. I try and keep doing that in my houses to a minimum though as I think people think it’s kinda basic 😦

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