The Rockery 4Bd/5Ba

Click the picture above to be taken to the download. Additional pictures below.


Created: 13/11/09
Price: $220, 078 furnished,  $149, 964 unfurnished
Address: 180 Wright Way (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 40 x 30
Rooms/Features: Basement: Skill room, pool, bathroom, covered BBQ area. Groundfloor: Living room, study area, diningroom, kitchen, bathroom, landing to basement, entrance deck. First floor: Master bedroom with ensuite, kid’s bathroom, single bedroom, nursery landing/relaxation area. Attic: twin bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Outdoors: Rockery style planting, pond, vegetable patch, rose garden, playground.
Cheats: No cheats used in creating the house but CFE used to correct a few wonky walls and to created the wall for the rose gaden.



This is a recreation of a house I built in Sims2. Unfortunately the dimensions in sims 3 just don’t seem to work quite as well resulting in the house seeming short and squat when it should be thin and tall but I still like the way the house sits nestled into the cliff with rocks and plants surrounding it (hence the name). I’m also really pleased with how a number of the interiors turned out including the main living area, girls attic bedroom and the kitchen. This house is another slightly experimental one with my first real attepts at using move objects to create a more homely feel in the building. Normally I aim for every object in my houses to be usable (due to the annoyance of sim autonomy and sims complaining that they can’t use something). The main example in this house is the fitted cabinettes in the girls bedroom with the chests of draws and the desk. This was also a step in the right direction towards making less cartoony and more realistic rooms as I feel the dining room in this house is one of the most realistic looking rooms I’ve yet created due to the colours and tones used in it. The same in the basement skilling area looking out of the windows.


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