Qube – 1Bd/1Ba – NEW

Click the picture above to be taken to the download. 

If you prefer to download from an external site, click here for a mediafire download. Additional pictures below.   


Created: 02/10/10
Price: $18, 480 furnished, $11, 349 unfurnished
Address:  A custom places 10×10 (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 10 x 10
Rooms/Features: A couple’s starter micro home. Features an open plan downstairs with sitting area, simple kitchen and dining table. There is a carport for when the family can afford a car but a car is not included due to budget. Upstairs is an office/landing, bathroom and double bedroom. Due to the size of the lot, there is no garden. Items for all motives are included along with a couple of skill items (telescope, mirror, TV). Burgler and fire alarm also included.
Cheats: Buydebug lights used in some areas, some MMO (mostly on plants).
Required EPs: WA, HELS, AM
CC: All of my builds are cc free and will never contain store items that you have to pay for. 
Other: Was inspired by all the micros appearing on the exchange at the moment.

Plan views are available below due to the small size of the lot. Lot has been play tested with a sim couple for a period of a week and no problems were encountered.




8 Responses to “Qube – 1Bd/1Ba – NEW”

  1. I love the tile in the bathroom! You have done an amazing job yet again, I rec’d and downloaded!

  2. Amazing starter Sparkly!

  3. Love the color scheme, great work on the furniture placement downstairs! Rec’d! 🙂

    • Yeah, that was tricky, took 3 different arrangements and multiple changes to the window and door arrangement to get that to work! lol

  4. Allium Says:

    Sleek, chic and purple! How is this a starter!!!!! Amazing!

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