Palm Bay – 3Bd/2Ba

 Click the picture above to be taken to the download. Additional pictures below.


Created: 17/07/09
Price: $274, 286 Furnished, $101, 109 unfurnished
Address: 477 Sunnyside Blvd (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 30 x 30
Rooms/Features: Open plan ground floor with living, dining and kitchen areas, downstairs bathroom (also changing room for pool area),  nursery, master bedroom, twin bedroom, study and gym, covered BBQ area, garage for 1 car with driveway for 2 more.
Cheats: No Cheats

Palm Bay was a house I designed even before sims 3 had come out, during a lunch time at work, though the garden ended up markedly different to how I first imagined it. I love the setting of this house with the views it has out across the bay and although it was one of the first I did, so I was still getting used to the building and decorating tools, I’m really happy with the colour scheme and room layouts. Like a few of my other houses, the open plan living area meant using a united colour scheme for most of the ground floor but in a way that allowed each area to be itself. Blue, orange and white are the colours of the downstairs, with the blue and orange reversed between the main party/living area and the dining area. The orange is absent from the kitchen giving that area a cooler feel. The downstairs bathroom also acts as a changing room for the pool area with access to both the private walled pool and the house itself. The garage contains 1 car while the driveway has room for 2 (only 1 is included). The garage also has access out to the land behind the house and a little walled in hidey area for the bin. On the first floor you’ll find a luxurious second family bathroomand the nursery which is decked out in pinks and purples with plenty of toys. The master bedroom aims to break up the blues of the rest of the house using yellows contrasted with dark woods and white. Being at the back of the house it, like the downstairs area, has a full windowed view out across the bay. The last room is the twin girls room, designed for a child on one side and a teen on the other with divided decor reflecting their ages. The last floor contains a fully windowed study and skilling area with easle, telescope, gym equipment and study desk and bookshelves. The dark green in this room is intended to take out the heat that would otherwise be felt in this fully exposed room. Outside there is a palm lined drive, connected to the walled pool area with sun loungers and covered BBQ area. There are windows in the BBQ area to allow light in but residents can also pull the blind down if they want a completely private party.


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