Ocean Spray – 3Bd/3Ba

 Click the picture above to be taken to the download. Additional pictures below.


Created: 09/07/09
Price: $223, 451 furnished,  $64, 046 unfurnished
Address: 180 Redwood Pkwy (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 40 x 30
Rooms/Features: Open plan downstairs with study, seating/TV, dining and kitchen, downstairs bathroom and covered party deck over the pond. Upstairs family bathroom, nursery, kids bedroom, skilling and social area on the landing, master bedroom with private seating area, study, dressing area and ensuite bathroom. Sun/party patio. Drive way two cars (included) and fantastic views from the cliff top.
Cheats: Alt key to place off grid only. 





My very first sims 3 build and one that I designed during a lunch hour at work on a piece of paper… I might even scan in the original picture so people can make comparisons. I’m really happy with how most of this turned out, especially the pink, slate and white bathroom and the master bedroom with was one of those happy accidents where you fiddle and fiddle and it just isn’t right and then as a “joke” you stick a colour in (in this case pink) and suddenly it works. I also really like the style and feel of the master bedroom in this. It feels classic and stylish to me. In fact the master bedroom in Jagged Edge was originally meant to be a recreation of this bedroom because I liked it so much but it just wouldn’t work the same in that room and ended up with mind of it’s own and went branching out in different directions.. you can probably still see the influence though in the furniture used in both rooms. The other room I like in this house is the childs room. I liked the idea of a themed room (because I don’t actually do them that often) and really like the “cowboy” patttern. The walls are intended to be the sky with the land below then the cowboy pattern appears on the barics in the room. The turtle play desk and pirate play box just mean the kid who gets this room can go whereever their imagination takes them.

The house itself is quite “boxy” since it is basically two boxes on top of one another but I still like how it looks and how the house divides up. The one and only thing I think I could have done better in my first build is to have better laid out the ground floor living areas… I’m happy with the kitchen and dining area but the seating, TV and study area could have done with more furniture I think.


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