Greystone – 3Bd/4Ba

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If you prefer to download from an external site, click here for a mediafire download. Additional pictures below.  

Created: 05/02/10
Price: $389, 092 furnished, $178, 312 unfurnished
Address:  130 Redwood Pkwy (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 40 x 30
Rooms/Features: Three floor high sunken living room with open landing above, study, garage with 1 car and 4 bikes (2 adult, 2 child – driveway also has room for one car – not included), gym (in garage), kitchen dining area, bar, two single bedrooms, kids bathroom, master bedroom with ensuite, pool, “maze” garden, BBQ area.
Cheats: CFE on roof only not in living areas, liberal use of move objects and “alt” off grid placement/rotation but all objects should be usable.




Well the house is up and running and replying to people’s comments on the exchange has allowed me to work out exactly how I feel about this house now so I thought I’d add in my thoughts on this build. After all my doubts about it and how good it was or was not, I am not really really happy with it and very proud of how it’s worked. The glass maze was something I came up with back in june or july last year and was something I really really wanted to try out so in the end i decided to build a house to go with the garden idea. I actually built quite a lot of shells in one go, it was when I was making Honey Dew for BnB and I built one shell, but it became too expensive to use (and ended up as Cypress Creek) then I just got distracted and started building this.  So I ended up with a couple of undecorated shells lying about while I built a few other houses and then real life got in the way and I wasn’t able to work on them until November. I started working on this one just after I finished Cypress and uploaded it. I remeber that Ruthless had just uploaded her tutorial on colour matching and was determined to use that advice in this house. The original colour scheme was completely different though. The kitchen and dining room were the first places I did and were originall dark brown wood and cream marble I loved the colours but it just didn’t suit the style of the shell so kept the layout and changed everything to blue/purple and blue/white. That then inspired the colour scheme for the whole house. Originally the downstairs was white, blue and mauve but after taking some advice the mauve was removed (though I believe one bit still survives as a sort of… homage :D). And after reading Ruth’s tutorial about using the same colours in different tones and mixtures throughout the house to give some unity I did attempt this. I’m not sure it worked out quite the way she intended in this house but I still tried LOL I can’t actually decide which bits of this house I like the most though, I love the garage, the bar area, the kids bedrooms and bathroom, the master suite and it’s bathroom, the entire landing area. the sun loungers and BBQ area outside and… yes… the glass maze. I think has very possibly taken over as my favourite own house, especially looking back through all the pictures as I think it is actually the closest I have yet come to a unified house that actually has a realistic feel.


10 Responses to “Greystone – 3Bd/4Ba”

  1. Allium Says:

    FAB-U-LOUS Darhling! Just stunning Sparkle!

  2. SimEve Says:

    I’m glad I took the walk through! I can’t believe I almost missed that entry into the dining room! I hadn’t seen that.

    • Told you there were extra pictures in the walkthrough 😛 I kinda decided to go ruthy’s route put the best pictures on the forums and include more pictures on the blog. There are quite a few bits and pieces here and there I would love to have shown but just couldn;t get the right photos… like the view from the living room up to the landing above but it just wouldn’t work. 😦

  3. Love it!! ❤

  4. theneonangel Says:

    OUTSTANDING home! i love the whole layout of the interior! well done

    • Thanks! I’m really proud how this turned out and it’s wonderful to be getting feed back on it here 🙂 I think greystone is one of my best peices of interior work so far 🙂

  5. parsonic Says:

    looks so beautiful!! I’m one of your many friends on the sims 3 website but if you could reccommend one of your houses to me, which one would you reccommend? I really want to download one of your houses cuz theyre just spectacular, making me speechless LOL
    thanks so muchhh 😀
    and if you want, my user name is parsonic on the sims website just if you were wonderinn
    thank you and plz respond!!

    • Um, I would probably recommend the two houses I haven’t yet uploaded… but that’s really awkward of me isn’t it LOL So I guess, if not those then….. probably Cypress Creek or Greystone. They’re probably my two favs at the moment, though I like most of my houses for different reasons.

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