Cypress Creek – 1Bd/2Ba

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Created: 27/11/09
Price: $157, 538 furnished, $84, 849 unfurnished
Address: 91 Landgraab Ave (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 30 x 20
Rooms/Features: Livingroom, Kitchen-Diner, Study, Games Room, Main Bathroom, Balcony Master Bedroom with Ensuite, Bridge, Pond, BBQ Patio, Driveway (1 car).
Cheats: CFE used to create the roof, move objects to place some items in otherwise unusable areas.

This is probably the build I’m most proud of currently, mainly because I was deliberately trying to work in a style that I hadn’t really tried before and make a slightly more rustic house. I’m especially proud of the garden however. It took a long time and a lot of procrastination but it worked out really nicely.  The main areas of the house, the living area, kitchen-diner and bedroom are all open to one another so use a similar colour scheme of green, white/cream and orange. Each room uses them in different ratios, which was intended to unite them while still allowing each one to have its own character. The study and games room are designed more like a recent extension to the house, keeping the same textures on the walls and floors but using different colours and some slightly more modern furniture to bring the rooms a little more up to date and add some contrast to the other areas of the house. Similarly the bathrooms are more in the rustic style of the rest of the house but break up the colour scheme by using more reds and pinks. Outside, there is a sun kissed patio with sun loungers, accessable via the bridge across the creek/pond, a telescope around the corner of the house by the study and a mian BBQ patio with potted plants just ouside the kitchen door. A little hid away room under the stairs acts as a bin room, keeping the rubbish bin hidden away and out of site.


2 Responses to “Cypress Creek – 1Bd/2Ba”

  1. 1914 Says:

    Hi.Im one of ur sims 3 friends.Love cypress creek!im so downloading/recomending it .and telling all of my friends.ill check out ur other lots also

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