Crystal Views – 4Bd/3Ba

Click the picture above to be taken to the download. Additional pictures below.


Created: 11/07/09
Price: $244, 730 furnished, $120, 554 unfurnished
Address: 53 Watferfall Way (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 36 x 47
Rooms/Features: Tv and Seating area, Quiet area, Study, Kitchen-Diner-Bar, Day Nursery, Gym/Skill area, Floating Landing, Doublesided fireplace, 4 Bedrooms (Master, two teen singles and Kids twin with cot alcove – 7 sims), 3 Bathrooms (2 family, 1 Master ensuite), Front Deck Entrace, Back Deck Party Area, Playground, Two cars, easy access to fishing lake when placed on correct lot, trpoical style planting, indoor vegetation (see pictures).
Cheats: Move objects used to place bamboo on the first floor and to place plants “inside” the house.



This was an organic house, I basically just started off by laying down random foundation until I found a shape that I liked and then built the house on top of it. I remember thinking how cool it would be to have a modern house made of warm woods but still have lots of glass with lots of plants and nature in it. I also wanted to include a floating walkway of some sort and the idea of having one supported by a fireplace through the centre of the house seemed to work with the idea of the house itself as revolving around the central area where the main family room would be.

All the various rooms on the ground floor are accessed through doors or arches between glass “rooms” filled with plants, bringing the plants from outside into the house. Because of that, the main areas of the house needed to have a more natural colour scheme with greens and brown/beige woods. The study echoes the wood panelling in the main living area while the kitchen takes the green but is a bit more modern and sleek in it’s design. The day nursery adds yellow to the green to make it bright and colourful for the babies and toddlers that use it. The two family bathrooms are also designed with green as the main colour. The bedrooms however are where the family members can express their own personalities, the master bedroom and it’s ensuite in a cool and relaxing blue, the kids/babies bedroom in bright vibrant greens and purples, the kid/teen girls room in pinks and purples and the last teen room in violent orange and rebelliousblack. I still think the study and living room/floating landing in this house are some of the best rooms I’ve done. I also really like the amount of light that this house lets in and even though it’s shape is very modern I still feel like it sits well in the surroundings of the lot it is on. A big house for a big family.


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