Alice Grove – 3Bd/3Ba

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Created: 30/07/10
Price: $238, 458 furnished, $120, 151 unfurnished
Address:  67 Water Lilly Lane (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 30 x 30
Rooms/Features: CFE roof structure, reversed room placement (bedrooms are downstairs, public rooms are upstairs), walkout basement, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Master is suite of bedorom and sitting area, dressing area, bathroom and gym, “ground floor” has large lounge area, entrance hall/skill area, kitchen, dining room, study, family room and bathrrom with an outdoor BBQ patio area. In the basement is the master suite, nursery, twin bedroom, kids bathroom and an “outdoor” sculpture room as well as the back garden with swing set. 2 cars are included.
Cheats: Some MMO and alt key from object placement, CFE roofing, light levels of some lights changed.
Required EPs: WA, HELS, AM
CC: All of my builds are cc free and will never contain store items that you have to pay for. This lot does contain some free store items. 
Other: Is the original shell for the house that become Ecila Grove but since the house was meant to be a BnS entry and the shell on it’s own exceeded the budget, I had to give up and create a smaller version of the house.









This is probably the oldest uncompleted shell that I had in my game up until today. I must have started it some time around the 18th or 19th of August last year. See, this is the original idea I had for Ecila Grove for the BnS challenge that week. I’d wanted to do a walkout basement for a while and had this kinda cool idea to try out for a roof as well but with all the clever tricks came a price tag that the budget for that weeks challenge wouldn’t allow. I believe by the time I’d finished the shell I had about $5000 left to furnish the place and that just wasn’t going to happen. I also then discovered a problem with the basement so completely gave up on this house and re built on a smaller scale on a different lot. I kept this shell though in the hope that one day I would solve the basement problem and be able to upload it. At some point around October, November last year I actually put the bulldozer over the lot as I was convinced I was never going to be able to fix the basement problem but at the last minute clicked “no” and cancelled it. Then as luck would have it, I created another house which developed a similar problem with it’s basement, however after a lot of fiddle and faffing I managed to fix the issue… so I decided to try the same method with this house and IT WORKED! The basement was fixed and I could now move on to actually decorating the house. I’d really like the kitchen in the original ecila and the sort of retro 70s look that it, the bathroom and living room had so decided to try and echo that throughout the entirety of this house. I started with the kitchen, since that was where the inspiration mainly came from in Ecila, and that is why the main living areas in this house have a main colour scheme of orange, cream and green. The orange wood was always going to be a major part of the house, since we have the same orange wood in our rather nasty 70’s kitchen here at home (which was in fact the original inspiration for the kitchen in the BnS Ecila home!). That then spread to the living area, the dining room and the entrance hall. A similar but not identical colour scheme was used in the bathroom. I also knew I wanted at least one room in the house to use one of those rather nasty garish brown patterns that I remember from around that time so the study was nominated for that particular colour scheme. Then it came to the bedrooms, I got a bit stuck so a friend provided me with some rather inspiration 70s and retro bedroom pictures. These led to the creation of the master bedroom and the nursery before I found a really lovely blue and brown colour scheme that I wanted to use in the twin bedroom and kids bathroom. Anyway, with all of that completed the exchange then decided to mess up totally for months on end so I just gave up, I had no motivation what so ever to finish the garden (since I always procrastinate over those anyway – this was just the excuse I needed) and instead started playing the sims 2 again. But then about a month ago I started feeling the pull of sims 3 building again… and last weekend I finally gave in and started working on this house again, finally finishing the landscaping early on in the week. And here is, after nearly a years work, the final (or rather, original) version of Ecila Grove, now with it’s proper name Alice Grove (since the original BnS challanger was called Alice!)


9 Responses to “Alice Grove – 3Bd/3Ba”

  1. Allium Says:

    Wow! looks fabulous Sparkle… I am ready to Download & Rec! 😀

  2. SimEve Says:

    It’s lovely Sparkle!

  3. Looks fantastic, Sparkle! So good to see another home from you! 🙂 Rec’d!!

    • WordPress appears to be automatically accepting your comments and not telling me you’ve posted! I am not impressed with that. So sorry for not replying 😦 He he, you already saw part of it because you so nicely requested (though there were a few changes since then… mainly thanks to the recolourable ceilings! YAY). I’m hoping to get the other two out over the next couple of weeks so there might be even more homes from me 😀

  4. socalkdl Says:

    Sparkle…wonderful 70’s build. Love the brown tones. Wish the game allowed 4″ deep shag carpeting! I especially like that dining room. Ummm, can smell the tv dinners cooking.

    • Me too! Would have been great to have some authentic carpeting as well… but I think what I have does ok given the choice. I love the dining room, it was the second room I completed and definitely my favourite 🙂

  5. Razzmatazz Says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! Perfect for a family I’m fixing to play! Thank you!

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