Rose Cottage – 3Bd/2.5Ba

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Created: 12/07/09
Price: $162, 926 furnished, $83, 976 unfurnished
Address: 415 Skyborough Blvd (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 40×40
Rooms/Features: Large formally decorated living room and dining room, seperate sleeping area with family bathroom and two bedrooms. Guests bathroom in public area of the main house. Seperate “granny flat” with living room, kitchen diner, bathroom and bedroom. Pond and landscaped garden with BBQ and skill patio area. Study is part of Granny flat but has seperate entrance.
Cheats: Moveobjects to place some items (e.g. landscaping).













Rose Cottage was my first ever entry in BnS in week 6, as you can probably tell from the pictures, this particular week’s brief contained certain colours that had to be used (and ONLY those colours) which if I remember were brown, purple, white, yellow/cream but not gold. The family was a couple, their daughter and a grandmother who wanted a main house for the family with a seperate granny flat for the grandmother, so that she could live her own life while still be close enough to the family if she needed them. The Grandmother’s house was to be decorated with pastels and flowers. The family also required certain other bits and pieces like a work out area for the husband and a study area for the daughter in her room as she was a bit of a book worm. I am actually quite happy with how most of this house turned out given the restrictions on the colours. I especially like the study as it always make me think of cadbury’s chocolate (which is funny because I can’t stand the stuff). I also love the luxurious feel of the dining room, it took forever to get that room right but once I did, the hall and living room followed pretty. I also like the single bedroom. This was inspired by a room I put together in the sims 2 and while not exactly the same in terms of patterns and the colours are a tad stronger, I still really like it as a room for a teenaged sim. The other two rooms I really like are the bathrooms, the brown only guests bathroom especially was a chance to have a break from all the purple and yellow and I think actually feels quite restful and natural compared to the rest of the house. The last thing I distinctly remember about this house was how I built the shell, as it was quite different to most of my others, rather than building a house outline and then dividing it into rooms, I added on one room at a time and then altered the outline into something that I liked the look of. Once I finished that, I built the grandmothers flat on the diagonal as a smaller version of the same shape like a jigsaw where the two houses fit together. I really really like how this looks in game as it is very pleasing to the eye and probably the most natural house shape I have managed to create so far.


6 Responses to “Rose Cottage – 3Bd/2.5Ba”

  1. Gatorsim Says:

    Wow Sparkle!

    I really love your sense of style! Your homes are beautiful. I have downloaded so many houses but to be honest, a lot of them I have had to delete because they are so over-rated and very poorly decorated. I’m talking about many homes with tons of downloads and recs. Your’s however are really great and I might have to steal some of your interior ideas as I find them very clever. I’m rather computer illiterate or I would showcase some of my own creations. They are not nearly up to the level of yours but still if I say so myself, I think some of mine are pretty good and I feel like people are missing out. I decorate with loads of color so maybe that is a turnoff! I really don’t know why my houses are not downloaded much but then again who really cares right? As long as I enjoy them and love the cahallenges asssociated with trying to make every one different, I guess that is all that matters. At any rate..keep up the good work! I now have to go so I can download some of your houses. Thank you!

    • Thank you Gatorsim! That’s such a really lovely comment and has really boosted my confidence before my next upload (which I needed… I always have a mini confidence crisis right before I upload a lot LOL)

      I’m going to assume that you are the same Gatorsim that is on the exchange? I think there are a couple of possible reasons you aren’t getting the dowloads your houses look like they deserve the main one being that you don’t have a custom cover picture (it makes a BIG difference) unfortunately that’s difficult to solve if you really are computer illiterate. Something that may help though is showcasing on the forums in the creative corner section as then people notice your houses more, especially if you post pictures in the thread. Unfortunately a lot of really good houses do get over looked these days simply because they don’t have custom cover shots or a showcase. A thread that might be able to really help you though is this one it’s all about how to showcase houses and the first page includes help and tools that can help you to add custom cover shots and put showcases on the exchange.


  2. I really like your flower layouts on this one. it looks like a real garden.

    • Thank you Jan! This was the first time I attempted a real garden I believe, most of my previous houses hadn’t had proper lawns and planting because it didn’t suit the style of those houses so I wanted to make something that looked like a cottage garden. I think this was also the first time I attempted a proper pond… I really stressed about this one actually LOL But was very happy with it in the end so thank you (again) for the lovely comment 😀

  3. parsonic Says:

    Wow so realistic for a sims house.!! so kool
    im gonna keep an eye on the houses you make, they always make my day and make me wonder….lol if that even works that..strange way. lol
    Keep on keepin on!

    • I’m trying to, kinda lost my motivation with sims 3 house building thanks to ambitions… tis difficult to keep going when EA insist on giving us so little extra to work with in each EP…. I need me some more furniture and more walls and more floors! 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement though 🙂

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