Marigold Gardens – 2Bd/1Ba

Click the picture above to be taken to the download. Additional pictures below.


Created: 03/08/09
Price: $19, 963 furnished, $13, 862 unfurnished (Family Starter house)
Address: 240 Sunnyside Blvd – the Spa Lot (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 20×21
Rooms/Features: Open living area with bathroom, masterbedroom and twin girls room. Corner garden with outdoor dining area and paved entry way. Driveway included but no car.
Cheats: Some alt key and moveobjects.




Marigold Gardens is a family starter so looks a bit more basic than my other houses, this was a week 9 BnS entry. Like Rose Cottage, it had a required colour scheme, brown and black in the master bedroom, purple and pink in the twin girls bedroom  (one liked purple, one liked pink and they had to share a bedroom which was to be divided in such a way as to give them each their own area in the room). It was to be a starter house and HAD to be built on the spa lot in sunset valley. The house is large enough that the family can add in furniture without having to expand the house itself straight away and also includes a driveway for a car (though no car is included). I’ll be honest and say that this is probably my least favourite house. While I am quite happy with how the landscaping turned out (given the tight budget at that point) and also the main living area, I’m not really all that happy with most of the rest of the house but that’s what happens sometimes in challenges with budget and colour constraints.


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