Honey Dew – 1Bd/1.5Ba

Click the picture above to be taken to the download. Additional pictures below.


Created: 01/09/09
Price: $29, 973 furnished, $19, 064 unfurnished
Address: 43 Water Lily Lane (Sunset Valley)
Lot Size: 20 x 30
Rooms/Features: Open plan living area with TV, kitchen and dining table. 1/5 bathroom for guest, full bathroom en suite with masterbedroom, home office. Basic garden with garage, large open garden.
Cheats: This house has been built using Exdemons foundation walls method. This means that move objects on will be required to place ANY objects inside the house, or to place windows and doors in the walls.








Honey Dew was week 13 of Build n Share, this house had to have a budget of $30, 000. It was to be decorated in autumnal colours of brown, red, orange, yellow and gold and needed an open plan living area and a study. A garage was also required as Autumn Winters (whose house this was meant to be) had just bought a flashy new red sports car which needed protection from the weather. The design was to be classic with clean lines, not too flowery or too modern and she wanted a double sided fireplace between the master bedroom and master bath.

I remember finding the colour scheme for this a lot more difficult than I expected to, which was because I was determined to try not to let the colour scheme be too dark given that the budget meant that house wouldn’t be big enough to deal with an overly dark set of colours. I also remember specifically wanted Autumn to have a quite modern looking study, which autumnal colours don’t naturally lend themselves to… winter, spring and summer can manage it but autumn is not so hot. I also had problems budget wise so the garden is sparse but pretty, with lots of room to expand if need be. I am currently considering re decorating this lot as I really like the shell of the house but would really like to decorate it to match without having to worry about the colours and budget of a design brief.


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