Ecila Grove 2Bd/2Ba

Click the picture above to be taken to the download. Additional pictures below.


Created: 24/08/09
Price: $74, 998 furnished, $46, 944 unfurnished
Address:  20 Hidden Grove (Riverview)
Lot Size: 30 x 30
Rooms/Features: Reverse level house with sunken back garden, bedrooms are in the lower level “basement” with access straight out into the back patio area. Living room, kitchen/diner, study area in basement hallway, bathroom, large landing/entrance area, masterbedroom with ensuite and nursery. Nursery and Bedroom in basement both have windows.
Cheats: CFE used to attach garden retaining walls to the garage.











Ecila Grove is one of my favourite BnS submissions though I am tempted to re decorate the back patio and add a few bits to some rooms without the restrictions of the challenge budget. Even before this particular BnS I had had the idea to do a sunken back garden with access straight out from the basement. I also new that would most likely mean putting the bedrooms in the basement area. The colour scheme for the main areas of the house was influenced by some 70s orange wood slating that we have in our kitchen which kinda led to the bathroom being decorated in a similar way, influence by the coloured acrylic baths that you used to find around the same time. The purple bedroom was required by the design brief and if I’m completely honest this is one of the rooms that I would re-decorate if given the chance. The only other thing I would change is to add some more potted plants to the patio area and maybe some more seating areas or other outdoor entertainment.


3 Responses to “Ecila Grove 2Bd/2Ba”

  1. Sparkling:
    Hi! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your builds. They have a very realistic quality to them. The blue bathroom (above) really caught my eye, as did the multiple levels of decking on the exterior. Great stuff.

    I was also reading about some of your frustration with the Sims 3 Exchange, and I empathize entirely. I have had a residential lot that I dedicated to Bree that I have just been dying to upload. I did what you’ve done–posted all the pics, but until the project is finally out there, it just leaves me with the feeling that I’ve left something “on the back burner of a stove!!” Ugh.

    Anyway, love your stuff. Thanks for your site and for your sharing…I know how much effort goes into all this. 🙂

    • Sorry it’s taken me so long to approve and reply to this. I’ve just got bfed up with the exchange these days and have re-installed sims 2 and all the EPs and SPs on my new computer 🙂 Loving actually playing the game at the moment… but anyway.

      I think you will like the house I’m currently working on if you like the one above as it’s basically a bigger version… the original in fact before I had to downsize it for the competition it was being entered in. I still have to do the landscaping though which always causes me a lot of problems and I’m umming and ahhing about a couple of the rooms which don’t seem to quite work yet.

  2. parsonic Says:

    looks small on the outside, rather big on the inside lol
    well done (as usual)
    its like your a professional at making houses for the sims game ;]

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