Biscuits B’n’B – 5Bd/5.5 Ba

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Created: 20/07/09
Price: $187, 909 furnished, $115, 547 unfurnished
Address: 550 Riverview Road (Riverview)
Lot Size: 40 x 30
Rooms/Features: Designed as a BnB with living quaters for the owners, this house is not a standard sim family home. The main house has 4 double bedrooms -all designed with a different type of customer in mind-, each with ensuite and private balcony. Downstairs there is a large kitchen with the dining area outside on a covered porch seperate BBQ area and tables is down in the centre of the back garden, a reception room at the entrance and a large social rooms where guests can relax in a variety of ways (TV, reading, music, internet etc), there is also a downstairs 1/2 bath. The seperate owners living quarters contain a studio style living area and bedroom with a seperate bathroom.
Cheats: None.


The Biscuits BnB was my entry in BnS week 7, it placed first and is my only featured lot. With this lot I remember having a lot of problems trying to work out the best layout for the rooms due to the restriction that we couldn’t alter the external walls’ positions, especially (oddly enough) the downstairs and making sure all the rooms look correct and fitted together in the right way. I new right from the start that I intended not just to furnish each room for differnt couples (as required by the challenge itself for two of the rooms) but also that I wanted to decorate them completely differently, so there is one room for a moder city couple, one for a more eldery couple, one for a young couple and their baby and one for a mature couple and a kid (the last two were required by the challenge). All of the bathrooms are also decorated on one theme, with them all have the same tiles, flooring and plumbing features in two complimenting colours, normally taken from the room they join (so for example the modern city couple bathroom is decorated in purple and gold). The kitchens on this lot are my favourite rooms of any I’ve done so far. A love the fact that (I think) I managed to create some realistic looking rooms and I adore the colours of the rose wood kitchen in the main building. I’m aslo quite proud of the converted garage’s bathroom, again because of it’s “realness”.


6 Responses to “Biscuits B’n’B – 5Bd/5.5 Ba”

  1. Kenzie Says:

    Very nice job. I love this house. My only concern is that there is no dining room inside. There is only eating space outside. There are also other minor concerns but they can be easily fixed. So overall great job!
    P.s. My favorite room is the kitchen. It’s traditionally styled and big for all my cooking loving sims! 🙂

    • Um…. that would be because this was a BnS build so it had to fit specific requirements in the design brief we were given, one of which was that the eating area be outside, with the kitchen and an entertainment room for all the guests and the two people that run the BnB. We also had to use a pre-built house and weren’t allowed to add anything to the original structure… so there was no room inside for a dining room. Since the sims don’t actually have any weather, I don’t think that’s so much of an issue (at least not at the moment :D)

      There were a lot of restrictions in this particular build (such as having to have 4 bedrooms and 4 ensuite bathrooms all in the main build) so that might explain some of the “other minor concerns” you have.

      I’m glad you like the kitchen though, it’s my favourite room in that particular house 😀

  2. Meaaghhhan Says:

    im new to the game , i’v sussed out all the cheats but i would like to know what ‘ba and bd stand for or what they mean please reply x

    • Number of bedrooms (bd) and bathrooms (ba) since that’s what most players looking for houses need to know straight away. Any other rooms are normally extra 🙂 You’ll notice that EA use it on their bin houses a lot, which is where I got it from. Hope that helps 🙂

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