Robot WIP

UPDATE 28/09/2010: Sunday night I created and furnished a Micro Starter Shell, I’m giving it the working title “Robot” because to me, the house shell looks like a robot. Yesterday I finished the placement and started the CASting. This is now almost final, at least in terms of furniture placement if not in terms of CASting. I’ve just been playesting the layout and I’m really happy with it. Heck it’s a couple’s starter that gives the sims a decorated moodlet so that’s got to be good! As to the CASting, I need to do the “fresh eyes” test, where I leave a build for a day or so and then come back and look at it with fresh eyes to work out whether I still like what I did and whether it really does work the way I thought it did at the time I made it. Looking at this picture it strikes me that there are a lot of patterns in the room but this doesn’t really show up once you see the build in full. Anyway, I thought you guys might like to see a sneaky peak:


I think I might owe Linday a word of thanks here however. I seem to remember having a conversation with her the other day about decorating and the colour scheme of black, white and purple came up. I remember at the time thinking it would probably be a really nice set to work with. When I started CASting this, I honestly had NO intention of using those colours (though I did want black and white) but somehow the purple snuck in on me and I just went with it. I hope you don’t mind and like the result.


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