Joining the Micro Crew

UPDATE 27/09/2010: It seems that recently there has been a flood of micro houses on to the exchange (though not all of these are micro’s in the true 1 sim starter sense) and it’s something I’ve been thinking for a while; that all my houses are rather expensive and obviously built for families. So I’ve decided to have a go at building a starter micro, though due to issues with finances, it will be a couple starter and not a 1 sim starter. I’m actually mostly done with this already, it just needs CASting before it will be in an exceptable shape to up upload. It’s on a 10×10 that I have placed in the hood so doesn’t have a designated address and because it’s so small the house fills the space so there’s little to no landscaping to do…. YAY! I’ve already done the shell and the furniture placement and I have about $500 left to play with when I decorate and CASt, should be enough to add a few nic naks at the end if I want to.

I’m also working on a new shell, it’s a sort of suspended house…. difficult to explain and I don’t have a picture decent enough to show yet as I’ve only mocked up something very crude and basic so I can modify as I go. It’s overly big and very ungainly at the moment. But then my micro starter looks like a cross between an alien and robot so you never know what this might end up looking like.

In the mean time, I told you guys a while ago that I was working on a secret project and that I might be able to show you a pic, even if I can’t tell you what it is… we’ll I got permission to show the pic:


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